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The historical OROAREZZO competition that sees every exhibiting company taking part in a contest based on design, workmanship and creative excellence, is taking on a totally new look this year: tradition and contemporaneity in perfect harmony to celebrate the very best of Italian jewellery manufacture.



Considering the context of this ongoing difficult situation, in order to maintain continuity of an important and much-awaited event in the Show’s tradition, Premiere will take place with a completely renewed format:  from its launching to the prize-winning ceremony, all the competition’s various stages will be on-line.

For this edition, the theme of PREMIERE will be free. Companies will be able to enter an iconic item that represents them, a reference "piece" that explains their style and creativity, an item of jewellery that identifies the Re_Start as a symbol of revival. 

Thursday 30th July at 5:00 pm a panel of journalists, bloggers, influencers and show business personalities, led by Beppe Angiolini, will award the iconic Re-start items. Moreover, there will be a special "digital" prize for the network's favourite and most voted jewel by followers on the web.

The sense of jewellery
The sense of life

“Jewellery is the punctuation in the book of our present, past and future life.
The first gold pendant of when we are born, the brooch on the collar of my mother’s silk blouse, an engagement ring, a graduation gift, all the anniversaries represented by an item of variable worth and much more …
Jewellery speaks of feelings, chapters in an existence that, through them, can transmit a summary of life.
At the same time as enormous joy, those who put in creativity, invention, technology, skill, style, culture to create them have a huge responsibility towards those who, aware of it or not, buy all of that…
Not just a decorative accessory!
The personal and collective book of the cycle of life.”

Beppe Angiolini

The winners

Fashion jury


show jury


Press jury


Special digital award


"Evolving soul.
Change makers."
Alessi Domenico - 61VI
"A polite optimism is the experience that the company has always drawn from crises that question the identity of the business. The desire to look forward, embrace and remain united represent the philosophy of the Milor group, ready to start again with a jewel that hands down and represents the principle of strength and union."
Hug Necklace
"Florence-cradle of the Renaissance, symbol of flourishing, innovation and new restart".
Masetti - Fedi
"Re_Tiara, Re_Start"
The Tiara
Kitti - 1488AR
“A mask tells us more than a face.” Oscar Wilde
3Z - 413 pd
"Life is a wave that can be ridden"
Daniela Neri - 2171AR
"Let yourself be enveloped by the energy of the flowers".
Daniela Coaro - 357VI
"The most beautiful jewel is having a dream, don't let anything stop you from dreaming".
Collezione Palladio, ripartire dalle nostre origini.
Peroni & Parise - 2610VI
"Thanks to ether we can distinguish the elements... Thanks to silence we have sound ... Thanks to passion we will experience a new beginning!".
... di cuore
R.G.R - 1231AR
"To symbolize the rebirth that starts from our most intimate and wild nature, after the lockdown jungle."
L'amour sauvage
Giordini - 156AR
"Let's play together with Maria De Toni DICE & CUBE bio collection. Get back to life with the playful joy of a child. Jewel is eternal joy".
Dice & Cube
Maria De Toni - 2546VI
"A jewel to be reborn, the iconic necklace that unites, not to forget."
Everything will be fine
Comero Group
"Start from where we never stopped: the beginning is always today".
Stella - 466MI
"The intersection represents the union of two people and two lives that meet, making it a symbol of strength and unity to share together stronger than before".
Celebration of Love
Del Pia - 1194AR
"We will never stop dreaming, we will have the strength to react, the courage to amaze you, the patience to resist because beauty is the essence of our life".
La forza del tempo
Arcadia Gioielli - 2008AR
"Tailor Made, a new rule aimed at guarding and enhancing the values of the brand to redesign an all-Italian future."
Tailor Made
Eclat - 1939AR
"Every now and then there is a beautiful light. It makes reflections on all things: sky, eyes, windows. Time smiles and people fall in love." Fabrizio Caramagna
Reflexes Line
Galvanotec Orosoffiato - 716VI
"Winston Churchill said" If you go through hell, do it with your head held high "we did it! With courage and sacrifice. Now we are ready to leave, together. For this we need strong, true, indissoluble feelings ... Like the true love!"
Love Knot
Fratelli Bovo - 888VI
"This is the time to look into the future with optimism, let's start from here to withstand the world waiting for us”.
Unoaerre Industries - 1AR
"Wear the stars of the most beautiful summer sky with the new Stardust collection!"
Artlinea - 539AR
"The deepest ties are not made of ropes or knots ... but nobody can untie them."
#Re_Start from Love - "Like a knot will never take me away from you"
AJ Group - 230AR
"Transformation: the keystone for restarting".
Sound of Wings
Nuovi Gioielli - 1419VI
"For a Re_start in the name of eSSence: Memory & Design, Tradition & Innovation, a whole harmony, for a Re_start in the name of eSSence."
Maria Gaia Piccini
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful".
The blooming flower
Bracciali - 1473AR
"Symphony" Collection
Graziella Group Cesare Del Brenna - 389AR
"If you have something to tell, the world of jewelry cannot die, it can only flourish".
Collezione Anne
Cameo Italiano Di Luca - 125NA
"Color in a jewel is like enthusiasm in life. Colors are the smile of nature, we start again from the enthusiasm of nature."
Govoni Fabio - 53FE
"Remember that there will always be another opportunity, another friendship, another love, a new strength, for every end there is always a new beginning" Antoine De Saint-Exupery
"Vittoria" Nude collection
Alunno & Co. - 3338AR
“Just as that of our parents and grandparents, our generation has also been put to the test. In the best Italian tradition, following in the footsteps of those who have gone before us, we too shall rise again to give future generations a bright future.”
Green hope
Lusi - 2621VI
"Starting again, stronger than before, fortified as a rock. Stronger than Rocks!"
Rock Collection
Neonero PVZ - 1013AR
"The storm will not prevent nature from blossoming again. The beauty of nature does not stop"
Grape of Life
Gold Art - 348AR
The future is born... Baby Chibi: your baby, our treasure "Il primo gioiello, la rinascita, un mondo nuovo visto con gli occhi di un bambino".
The Ladybug Collection
Baby Chibi - 2772AR
"I love butterflies because they remind me that everything changes in life ... always, no obstacle can stop us until our will to fly is stronger than our fear of falling."
Flying free
Gabriela Rigamonti by - VI2419
"The corals bring them all, rich and poor, they elevate who is below and they adore who is above!". Joseph Roth
"Crochet" set
Gaetano Vitiello - 738NA
"Form, matter, movement as a potential possibility, capacity for a new dialogue on reality, on time and on the future."
MA.VI. & Co - 2491AR
"The energy of restarting or Re_Start like the rebirth of the Phoenix."
Phoenix ring
Mata Gold - 2989VI
"In reality, the end comes only when you don't want to start again, so let's put a point and start from there ... even if they were a thousand".
Carriage stitch
Silver Land - 66RN
"When love for beauty is born from the heart, the craftsman creates art. Costanzo creations the art of creating jewelry".
Jewel of Sicily
Creazioni Costanzo
“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” Victor Hugo
Lux Collection
Alunno&Marcantoni - 621 AR
"Live by the sun, love by the moon".
Italian Fashion - 1047AR
"As this choker is made up of hexagons hinged by hand to form a perfect mosaic, we too will put our pieces together to share with enthusiasm, professionalism and tenacity that distinguishes us."
Honey Comb Choker
Prestige - 272AR
"Let’s restart from ourselves, from our values, from our roots, from our cities ... from our beloved Italy. Re_Start is a new beginning, it’s the awareness of our mistakes, and our strengths together with our desire to highlight them to mark the change we have been called to. " Movement, Lights and Shadows " is our Re_Start. A jewel is so much more. It goes beyond mere conventional beauty and it smells of Life. The meaning of Life is Life itself."
Movimento, luci e ombre
Quadrifoglio - 1879AR
"In the circle of a thought I sometimes rest dreaming". Alda Merini
The circle of life
Chimera Gold
"Let's restart together, like many perfect circles, in harmony with nature"
L'amore al centro
Falcinelli - 348AR
“The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell”
L'albero della vita e della rinascita
Fantasy - 444AR
"Re_Tiara, Re_Start"
Karizia - KA1772
"Re_Start from Italian beauty."
Ronco - 1033VI
"Surprise is a continuous rebirth".
La romana
La Prima Gioielli - 2784VI
"The bright face of the moon prevails over the dark side."
Crescent Moon
Sade - 394PD
"Re_Birth through a jewel"
Sun of the Desert
Femar - 1229AR
"Earring ocean's drop to Re_Start"
Ocean's Drop
Oxygene - 33RSM
"Let's go back to being outdoors and to share our life with others"
Free Again
Lucchetta Armando - 686VI
"I restarted using colors again, this must be how we start again".
A thousand threads. A thousand stories
Linea Italia - 1431VI
"V: Victory, Valor, Flying.
The three V's of the Re_Start: Victory, Valor, Flying, for a recovery of the jewel in an embrace with the whole world."
"Every moment is a new beginning".
Necklace "Luce"
Loto Preziosi - 210AR
"A toast to our restart - Free your mind, color the grill, toast to life ... Do not be afraid of the chaos inside you, it is from there that you can give birth to a dancing star".
Happy hour Re_Start
Taitù - 1348AR
"We can't change the wind, but we can steer the sails. Because you can always start again, where you've never stopped".
Caoro - 2171VI
"The Florentine lily: symbol of beauty and history represented in a single jewel to start again".
Il giglio fiorentino
Orogenesi - 1869VI
"From ashes to gold"
Ring "Fenice", Rinascita Collection
Golden Clef International - 1758AR
"We will never stop dreaming, we will have the strength to react, the courage to amaze you, the patience to resist because beauty is the essence of our life".
Collezione Villa d'Este
Annaratone - 2088AL
"We have always worked responsibly, sustainably, transparently, confident that in doing business, there must be a higher purpose than profit. And we want to start from this."
D'Orica - 1718VI
"Re_Start your road to perfection"
"If you never change your way it will always lead you to the usual places, you will have to deal with the same places, you will become an expert in habit, but you will never have strong bones for improvisation, and if in front of you there will not be a vast panorama you will never know the horizon."
New life, new roads, new emotions
Eurocatene - 195AR

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